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Album Design Styles

Designed By Experts - Included In The Price

Your photobook albums will be designed by our professional graphic designers, who use incredible care - and tons of expertise - to knit your photos into a beautiful, flowing, visual narrative.

(If you're a photographer you can choose to supply your own design instead, and you'll get an extra 10% discount.)

Every event, every story is different - and every album should be too. Each album is hand-designed so your photos get the best possible treatment,  and because every set of photos is unique we never use templates - we believe the only way to create a truly outstanding album is to design it from scratch, every single time. We only use your photos, nothing else, and we'll design the albums according to whichever style you prefer. Within one week of ordering you'll receive a PDF of the design so you can check that you're completely happy with it before we print the albums.

We'll give you one set of design changes free of charge (up to a dozen photos), and after that we simply charge £1 per photo. After every set of changes we'll upload a new PDF of your design for you to approve.

Approximately 70% of customers are totally happy with the first draft of the design, and almost everyone else approves it after a few minor changes - which proves just how good our designers really are.

We have five design styles to choose from, each of them with their own unique benefits. Below are some examples of each (click to enlarge and scroll through). 

You can also see lots more examples on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.


Our Photobook Interior Design Styles
Click images to enlarge, then use the arrows below the image to see more examples:
Guest / Signing Book
Classico Style 
Classico features simple, beautiful and stylish effects. Our designers fade, merge and frame your photos to help lift them off the page and really bring the story to life. Photos are normally laid out full page, edge to edge with no gaps around them. 
Moderno Style 
Moderno has a more relaxed look and feel, with features such as thicker photo frames, additional special effects, and some artfully angled images. Photos are normally laid out full page, edge to edge with no gaps around them. 
Naturale Style 
Naturale style has no fading or merging, just a few stylish effects and smart black backgrounds: this design focuses more on the people and places within the photos.
Collage Style 
Collage style is crisp, clean and minimalist. Photos are laid out in a lattice effect with white backgrounds, and offset with some large images to create a truly stunning impact.
Signing Book / Guest Book 
Our albums make the most gorgeous, unique signing books. Our Signing Book / Guest Book design is similar to Collage style, but more space around the photos gives your guests room to write messages (using a permanent marker pen). We recommend uploading fewer images for this design, or choosing more pages - it's best to have just one or two photos per spread.
During the order process you can easily let us know which are your favourite images - our designers will then make sure they are the largest ones in the design. Other photos will be positioned on top or around them.