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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs


** Christmas 2018 Order Deadlines **

As per usual we'll be open throughout the festive period (apart from UK bank holidays), but if you'd like your albums delivered before Christmas then please order / approve by these dates:

Monday 12th November: Deadline for placing orders that we design

Monday 19th November: Deadline for approving your designs, and deadline for photographers providing own designs for print.


How do I know I can trust you to do a great job?

We understand that ordering your most important albums over the internet might make you apprehensive.

So let's put your mind at rest: our website is here to make life really easy to place those orders, it's not for us to hide behind. We've been producing professional Photobooks for both the public and photographers since 2008; we've been written about in various high-profile magazines and newspapers; and we're a fully registered company based in North West London, run by lovely people who truly believe in great customer service - so feel free to email or call us for a chat anytime.

And most important of all, we have a 100% satisfaction rate - which should really be called "over-the-moon" rate considering the fantastic emails we get once our customers receive their albums. Just check out our Testimonials page for a small selection!

Feel free to call us for help or advice with your albums - within UK 020 8959 1879, from outside UK +44 208 959 1879. Or drop us an email.

What are the cover options?

We offer two styles of album cover:

  • Crystal acrylic with beautiful bevelled edges, and your chosen photos sealed underneath


  • Premium faux leather in a choice of three colours - Ivory, Latte or Mocha.

How many pages can I have, and how are the albums made?

You can select anywhere between 10 pages and 35 pages (20 to 70 sides).

Printing, laminating and hand-binding are parts of a 23 stage process that ensures the Photobooks are as handsome as they are durable. Your album design is printed onto premium photo paper using our state-of-the-art digital presses, than matt-laminated.

Thin sheets of PVC are inserted to ensure the finished pages are rigid and much more robust than lower quality photobooks. This also means that when your Photobook is open the pages lie flat - the design is displayed across the entire spread, creating a stunning, edge-to-edge panoramic effect.

Your albums are then carefully pressed, glued and bound. Once those stages are complete it's time for the covers: if you selected acrylic then your front and back photos are mounted onto the albums, and sealed underneath a clear crystal acrylic with beautiful bevelled edges, providing protection and an ultra-stylish finish. Or if you prefered to go for our premium faux leather covers then now's the time when they're carefully bound around the album, and your (optional) wording is laser engraved onto the front.


How many photos can I include in my album?

It's totally up to you how many photos you include - although to prevent your design looking too crowded we put a limit of 6 photos per page (overall).

We offer up to 35 pages (70 sides), so that means you can have up to 210* photos plus front and back cover photos. Our designers try to use all the photos that you provide us with in the order.

You can choose to have anywhere between one and six photos per page / spread. E.g. A 10 page album can have between 10 and 60 photos; a 20 page album 20 to 120 photos, etc.

Edge to edge panoramas: One of the many fantastic features of our albums is that the pages lay flat when the albums are open, so our designers can place photos right across the spread to give a stunning panoramic effect.  If you want to maximise that effect we advise an average of less than 4 photos per page. That also relates to our smaller albums, and Pocket & Parent Books - if you've got an average of 5 or 6 photos per page then remember that some photos will have to be quite small.

*If you need more than 210 photos in your album(s) then please get in touch, let us know what size album(s) you'd like to order, and we'll be able to make you a more bespoke design.

Can I see a sample album or sample cards?

We'd be happy to send you a sample of a Premium Pocket Book (with bevelled acrylic cover) - these are miniature replicas of our main albums, so you'll be able to see the fantastic quality of our Photobooks for yourself. We just take a £10 deposit, which is fully refundable if the Pocket Book is returned to us within two weeks. If you'd like one please email us.

For our Premium Faux Leather covers we can also send you a free sample card - it has swatches of each of the three colours (Ivory, latte and Mocha). If you'd like one please email us.

Professional photographers: additional sample options are available, please see Trade FAQs below, or the 'Sample Album' page under the Trade Info tab once you've logged in.

What size and format should my photos be?

We'll make you fantastic looking albums, but we do need good quality photos to do so.
All digital cameras sold today should provide high enough quality photos, but if you bought your camera before 2007, or if you've edited the images then we'd advise checking that the photos are at least the following sizes:
  • For 8x10" and 8x12" Photobooks: Minimum file size of 500kb per photo (0.5 megabyte)
  • For 10x12" and 10x15" Photobooks: Minimum file size of 1000kb per photo (1 megabyte)
  • For 12x15" and 12x18" Photobooks: Minimum file size of 1500kb per photo (1.5 megabytes)

File format: All photos must be in standard Jpeg (jpg), Png or Gif formats. We do not advise manually scanned photos unless they are a high quality when you zoom in, and we do not recommend using photos taken with mobile phones.

File size tip: to check the above details right click on a photo on your computer (or ctrl+click on a Mac) and go to Properties. You can also check the 'details' view in My Computer/Windows Explorer. Zooming in on photos on your computer can also help to check the quality - if the photo starts to blur and pixelate as soon as you enlarge it in then it is unlikely to be high quality.

Please note: we produce professional Photobooks with fantastic designs. We will use whatever photos you send us, but please be aware that the quality of the final print also depends on the quality of those photos. We cannot be held responsible if the photos we receive do not meet the above guidelines, or if they are not of a high quality.

Do you offer Parent Books and Pocket Books?

We certainly do! Our Parent Book albums are the perfect size for parents, grandparents and the most important family members. We also offer beautiful little Pocket Book albums - perfect for the handbag and to give out to friends and family.

Uniquely, our Pocket and Parent Books are the same professional quality as our larger Photobooks - printed on photographic paper with premium spines and identical bevelled acrylic covers.

The design will be taken from your larger albums and reduced to fit. Pocket and Parent Books can only be ordered in conjunction with any larger album(s), and will have the same number of pages.

Sizes and prices can be found on the Options and Prices page, or Trade Prices page for Professional Photographers.

(Note: Pocket and Parent Book width will vary by 1", as size depends on the ratio to your largest album.)


How do I get a free Premium Pocketbook?

For every 12x15" or 12x18" album that you order we'll make you a Premium Pocketbook completely free of charge. There are no catches, we'll automatically make one on top of anything else you order.

For example, if you want one 12x15" album plus four Pocketbooks, then you only need to order the 12x15" and three Pocketbooks, and the fourth one will be sent for free with the other albums.

Our Pocket and Parent Books use the same design as your main album, and are perfect as gifts for friends and family.

(Note for trade customers - if we decide to change or withdraw this offer we promise to give you at least one month's notice.)

How Do You Design The Albums?

All of our prices include our professional design service. Our expert graphic designers will create an amazing narrative from your photos (and only your photos), and they'll use whichever one of our design styles you choose. We'll send you a PDF of the design once it's ready, and you can easily approve it for printing or request changes.

You can find more information on our design service and the design style here.

Supplying your own design: If you are confident with graphic design and wish to provide your own print-ready files then we'd be happy to make the albums from your files, and give you a 10% discount too. You would need to follow our guidelines which can be found in the Trade FAQs below, under 'Can I Supply My Own Design'. Please contact us on 020 8959 1879 or by email and we'll explain how to order.

Note for professional photographers - if you have a trade account you will automatically be given the option to supply your own design.

What guarantee is provided on my Photobooks?

In the unlikely event of defects in the design, printing or workmanship, we will repair or replace the relevant product. This guarantee extends for a period of two years from the date of delivery.

Please note - this guarantee does not cover general wear and tear from usage, or any accidents to the albums.

How do I take care of my Photobooks?

Our Premium Photobooks are sturdy products, but like any book they should be treated with respect to keep them in optimum condition.

We advise the following:

  • Open on a flat surface - bending back the cover could potentially damage the spine.
  • Front and back covers are scratch resistant but not scratch proof, so take care near sharp objects.
  • When not in use store your Photobooks closed, and preferably flat, to reduce pressure on the spine.
  • Photobooks are not water-proof, so please take care near liquids.
  • Photographs may fade over time if left in direct sunlight.
  • When taking Photobooks outside use the box to protect them from the elements.

Do you put your logo on the Photobooks?

Unless you have a trade account, the Photo Productions logo will be in a discrete position on the inside back cover of all the Photobooks that we produce. If you would like this removed you can email us after you've placed your order - before approving your design for print - at orders@photoproductions.com, quoting your name and order reference. (Note for trade accounts – you are given an additional option during the order process to replace our logo with your own.)

How heavy are the larger Photobooks?

Our Photobooks are sturdy products - they are hard bound with rigid inside pages. This gives a premium look and feel, and means the largest Photobooks are weighty products.

Approximate weights of largest Photobooks (excluding presentation box):

12" x 15": 10 pages = 3kg; 35 pages = 5kg

12" x 18": 10 pages = 3.5kg; 35 pages = 6kg



Do I need to install anything on my computer?

No, you don't need to install anything - our easy upload facility and simple order process is completely web-based. We support Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome browsers.



What options are available during the order process?

Once your photos have been uploaded it's a quick and easy process to place the order. We'd advise watching the two minute video on our homepage, but here's the order process step-by-step:

  • Choice of portrait or landscape Premium Photobooks
  • Choice of eight different sizes – order any number, in any size, within the same order (Parent & Pocket Books can only be ordered alongside larger albums)
  • Choose either bevelled acrylic or premium faux leather covers
  • Choice of five different styles of design layout (including our special Signing Book / Guest Book design)
  • Choose between 10 pages (20 sides) and 35 pages (70 sides)
  • Personalise your Photobook with a title, and choose from a range of typefaces.
  • Optional drag and drop timeline to arrange your photos into a certain order.
  • Option to choose which photos are to be most prominent.

As soon as you've placed the order our designers get to work knitting your photos together into a beautiful design.

Approval of design after ordering : all customers can view their design online when it's ready. Approve it for printing or request changes. 

Additional options for trade accounts: add your own logo, choose which photos are to be large, medium or small when we design, or supply your own design.

How do I upload photos, how long does it take, and what if the upload is interrupted?

It's extremely easy to upload your photos. Once you've signed in click on 'Get Started', make a new folder, then upload your photos. 

We use secure computers with fast connections to receive and store your photos. Upload time will depend on your internet speed, and the number and size of photos that you're uploading.

It can take anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours to complete the upload. Our intelligent system stores each photo straight after it's uploaded, so even if you lose your connection you won't have to re-upload any photos that were previously sent. There's also a reliable progress bar to show what percentage of the upload has been completed.

Note: you can continue to use your computer and browse the internet whilst the photos are uploading, or even go away and come back when the upload is finished. Once the photos have finished uploading the upload box will dissapear, and the page will refresh to show thumbnails of all the uploaded images.


What is the difference between Landscape and Portrait?

Portrait orientation is taller, landscape orientation is wider. Remember that all albums - even portrait albums - will be landscape when they're opened.


The above images represnt a closed album.


What is the design and delivery time?

Your Photobook design will be uploaded by our professional graphic designers within 5 working days from date of order. Any changes that you request will also be uploaded within 5 working days of request. Your Photobook(s) will be despatched within a maximum of 15 working days from when you approve your design. 

All orders are put through quality control, then carefully packed and sent to you via courier service (usually Parcelforce 48 hour for UK deliveries). You will receive an email when your order has been sent. Please note that someone will need to be at the delivery address to sign for it.


The proofing process: how do I check my Photobook design before printing?

NEW - First set of amendments to your design are now FREE: we'll make changes to up to a dozen photos at no extra charge. Just email us over any changes that you'd like once you've seen the first draft of your album design.*

It's really easy to check your album design. Within a week of ordering it will be completed by our expert design team and uploaded to your account. You'll get an email to let you know it's ready, and you'll find it waiting for you (as a PDF) on your 'Order History' page.

The great majority of our customers are happy with the first design, and simply click 'approve for print'. However it's easy to request changes should you want any...

Requesting changes: Every photo in the design will be temporarily numbered at this stage, allowing you to specify exactly which photos you'd like amended. A comprehensive list of amendments is available to choose from – the most basic of which are free, with the remainder costing a nominal £1 each (after your first set of free changes). Just click on the 'Request changes' link next to the design (on your Order History page), and you'll be taken to a special change request page. Alternatively you can  email us the changes.

This re-design and approval process can be repeated as many times as necessary until you are completely happy with the design.

*The free changes must all be submitted at the same time (i.e. the second set of changes onwards will be charged for). Any amendments after the first set will be charged at £1 per photo, with a minimum charge of £5 per set of changes. 


What happens to my photos and will they be safe?

When uploading photos you're not sending the originals from your computer -  our website creates identical digital copies. It is impossible for our website to change or delete the originals on your computer.

Once you've uploaded photos they are completely secure - they can only be viewed by you, or anyone you choose to share them with.


How long are my photos stored on your web site?

To give you plenty of time to order we'll usually keep your photos for six months after you've uploaded them. We'll extend that for another six months once you've ordered to give you time to get extra albums.

Please do not rely on our website as the sole storage space for your photos as we cannot guarantee to keep them. We recommend that you always keep the originals on your own computer.


What happens to the design if I'm ordering different ratio Photobooks within the same order?

To save you proofing time our graphic designers will upload one design per order. When you've approved that design (after either requesting changes or not) some photos will, if necessary, be made slightly smaller or larger to best accommodate the other ratio Photobooks. Please note: you will not see this separate design until you receive your Photobooks, but rest assured that our experienced designers will ensure all designs within one order are virtually identical.

The ratios of our albums fall into two sets -

Set 1
4x5" (Pocket Book) 
6x7.5" (Parent Book) 
Set 2
4x6" (Pocket Book) 
6x9" (Parent Book) 


How do I change my account details?

Simply sign into your account and go to the My Details page under My Account, where you can change any details.

How can I check the status of my order?

Go to the Order Details page and select the order to see its status.

Can I make a repeat order of a previously ordered Photobook?

Yes. You can re-order a Photobook of the same design without having to go through the entire order process again. This can be done from the Order Details page.

Can I cancel or make any changes once an order has been placed?

Our graphic designers start work on your order soon after receiving it, so please ensure everything is correct before payment. To change an order such as different sizes, different photos etc. it would need to be cancelled then re-ordered.

We have made our cancellation charges as fair as possible to reflect work completed:

Within 12 hrs of placing an order: 90% of payment refunded.

From 12 hrs after ordering up to your approval of design: 50% of payment refunded.

After your approval of design, or more than 6 months after initial order date: no refund.

How to cancel: please email cancellations@photoproductions.com (For refund purposes the time your email is sent will be taken as the time of cancellation.)


Can people viewing my shared photos order their own products, and can they edit or delete my photos?

We give you the option to share your online photos with other people. They will only be able to view the photos that you invited them to see. They cannot edit or delete anything. They can however order a Photobook for themselves from the photos that you have invited them to see.

I have forgotten my password.

Click the 'Forgotten password?' link on the Sign-In box to reset your password.

How do I close my account?

Please send an email from your registered email address, to admin@photoproductions.com - we will close your account and delete your photos and information.


Do I get a discount on subsequent Photobooks?

Yes, everyone receives a massive 30% discount when purchasing additional Photobooks in the same order. The largest Photobook will be at regular price, then every one of equal or lesser value will automatically receive the 30% discount (excluding Pocket Books and Parent Books).

You can order extra copies - and get the 30% discount - at any time between placing the original order and approving the design for print. You'll find a 'Order More Copies' button on your Order History page, and when you click 'Approve' you will also be given a final chance to order extra copies.

Note for Photographers: This is in addition to any trade discount you may be receiving.


Why don't you charge VAT on your Photobooks?

Following a tribunal decision against HM Revenue and Customs we no longer charge UK VAT (sales tax) on our Photobooks. The tribunal judge ruled that certain types of Photobooks - ours included - should be zero rated for VAT just like normal books. This is a fantastic result for our customers, because without this tax our Photobooks are now considerably cheaper!

What methods of payment do you accept, and how secure is the transaction?

We accept Amex, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Mastercard Debit and Maestro. Our payment processing is handled online by Sagepay, the UK's largest payment processor, using a secure, encrypted server. Both Sagepay and this website are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards.

Work begins on your Photobooks soon after the order is placed, so full payment is taken at time of order.



Where is the free shipping to?

Our prices include free courier delivery to mainland UK. All other destinations will incur a cost-based shipping fee. Please see the next FAQ for more details.

Can the Photobooks be sent internationally?

Yes we ship internationally using DHL 3 day service, and you can order as normal through the website. The shipping charge is cost based, and is a percentage of your order total (with a minimum charge for some regions).

You'll find a comprehensive list of countries to choose from at the checkout, but here's an overview of our shipping charges:

Zone Areas % Of Order Total Minimum charge 
Region 0 England, Wales, Scotland (all mainland) Free Free
Region 1  UK non mainland,  N. Ireland,  Rep. Ireland 5 £0.00
Region 2 Western Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Canada 14 £25.00
Region 3 Eastern Europe, Russia 16 £35.00
Region 4 Israel, UAE, Middle East, Asia, North Africa, Carribean 18 £45.00
Region 5 South America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific, Southern Africa 22 £55.00

Example 1: if you live in the USA and your albums come to £300 then shipping will be £42.00

Example 2: if you live in Dubai and your albums come to £400 then shipping will be £72.00

Here's a great website for converting the cost in UK £ to your local currency: http://finance.yahoo.com/currency-converter/#from=GBP;to=EUR;amt=1  (note that the actual amount charged will be depend on your bank's conversion rate)


Can I have the Photobooks sent to an address other than my billing address?

Yes. Please ensure that the correct delivery address is written in the delivery options when you place an order.

What if an order arrives damaged or does not arrive?

All goods are Quality Controlled prior to despatch - your order is fully inspected and then carefully packed . We will send an email to notify you of despatch, but please also check your Order History page regularly for updates. 

When your Photobooks arrive please inspect them for visible damage before signing for them. If goods arrive faulty or damaged you must retain all packaging and notify us within five days of signing for the delivery.

If an order has not arrived within three working days of the 'despatch' confirmation email  (four days for non-UK), then please contact us as soon as possible, or within a maximum of three weeks.



How do I open a trade account and get trade prices?

Simply click on 'Create account'  at the top of the website and fill in your details, making sure you tick the box that says 'create a business account'.  A box will appear where you can type in your own website address - that will allow us to verify that you have a photography business. We'll check your site by the next working day, then we'll activate your 15% trade discount and email you confirmation. (Please ensure that the email address you've used to register is displayed on your website, or that it's from the same domain - that way we'll know it's really you.)

If you don't have a business website you can email or post us two separate copies of ID showing proof of your business. For example headed paper, copy of company cheque, utility bill, bank statement etc.

Please note that we can't accept Facebook or other social media as sole proof of a photography business.

You'll be able to place orders at standard (non-trade) prices as soon as you've signed up, but if you want the trade discount please wait until we've completed verification. Trade discounts will not be retrospectively applied.


What extra benefits do I receive as a Professional Photographer?

  • 15% discount off our standard prices (plus a further 30% off subsequent main albums ordered at the same time).
  • Extra customisation options: optionally specify which photos are to be large or small in the final design.
  • Option to have your own logo on the design at no extra charge.
  • No Photo Productions branding on designs / albums / customer leaflets.
  • Option to supply your own design and receive a further 10% discount.
  • Sample albums available.


Can I get sample albums to show my clients?

Sample albums are the best way to show your clients the beautiful quality of our albums. Our professional printing and binding is a much higher standard than they're probably used to seeing from mass-market photo books. The incredibly vivid photos and our panoramic 'lay-flat' pages will certainly showcase your photography in the best possible style.

There are three sample options, all effectively free! Its's really easy to order, just see below...

New - Premium Faux Leather sample cards are also available with a swatch of each of the three colours (Ivory, latte, Mocha). If you'd like one free of charge just email us.


Sample Album Option 1:  Pre-Designed Package

Our pre-designed Photobook package includes three different size albums, and comes with a no obligation guarantee.

Each album is divided into three equal sections showcasing each of our main design styles (Classico, Moderno, Naturale, Collage). These particular albums are in landscape orientation. We usually have these albums pre-printed and ready to go, so you should receive them within a few days of ordering.

Each package includes the following three albums with bevelled acrylic covers:

  • One 12x15" Premium Photobook Album, 16 pages 
  • One 6x8" Premium Parent Book, 12 pages
  • One 4x5" Premium Pocket Book, 12 pages

How to order: go to the 'Photographer Sample Albums' page and you can order from there - you'll find it under the 'Trade Info' tab after logging in with your trade account.  We take a £95.00 deposit which is refunded back to your card after you've placed three more orders - of course you get to keep the sample albums too.

No obligation guarantee: if you decide that you don't want to keep this sample package just return it to us within two weeks of ordering and we'll refund the £95.00. Please use a tracked delivery method and include the original delivery note.

Please note T&Cs below.


Sample Album Option 2: Your Own Design

Order any Photobooks with your own design (providing us with print-ready files) - choose from bevelled acrylic or faux leather covers.

How to get them free: get an immediate 50% off using code 'Sample50' at the checkout. Plus we'll refund the other 50% as soon as you've placed your third order.

How to order: place an order as normal through the website, ticking the 'own design' option at the top of the Order page (don't forget to use the code above to get 50% off). You can find our 'own design' guidelines on the Photographer Resource Page after logging in, as well as page templates for every album. Important - please include the words 'Sample Album' at least twice on the design.

Please note T&Cs below.


Sample Album Option 3: We'll Design Using Your Photos

Order any size album for us to design. Choose from bevelled acrylic or faux leather covers.

How to get them free: get an immediate 50% off using code 'Sample50' at the checkout. Plus we'll refund the other 50% as soon as you've placed your third order.

How to order: place an order as normal through the website - don't forget to use the code above to get 50% off. Your sample album(s) will be designed according to whichever style you chose during the order process, with the words 'sample album' on a couple of times. If you'd like all three design styles within one album  - i.e. three equal sections - then please call or email us within 24 hours of ordering - we can do this at no extra charge. 

Please note T&Cs below.


Sample Album Terms:

  • As soon as you've placed three orders (excluding the sample albums) then we'll refund the £95.00 from Option 1, or the 50% from Options 2 and 3. 
  • Please email us from your registered email address us to remind us that you've now placed three orders, then we will refund the relevant amount back to your card. 
  • We will supply one set of sample albums with the above discounts. The maximum refund will be £150.00. This ultimately gives Option 1 free of charge. For Options 2 and 3 , when combined with the 50% discount, it ultimately gives you albums with a value of up to £300.00 free of charge.
  • If you'd like further sample albums please email us and we will let you know what discount is available.

Can my clients check the design?

We make a PDF of every album design (and revision), and we temporaily number the photos to make it easy to request changes. The PDFs are then uploaded to your Order History page - you'll receive an email to notify you when this is done. You can then easily download the PDFs and send them on to your customers.

We don't put any Photo Productions branding on those PDFs, or in fact anything that your customer sees.

We'll upload a new PDF every time amendments are requested, so you can ensure that your customers are totally happy before we go to print.

Can I supply my own design?

We allow Photographers to supply their own design to be printed and bound by us, for which we offer an additional 10% discount on the entire order (on top of other discounts).

You can find page templates for every size album on the 'Photographer Resource' page, located under the 'Trade Info' tab after you've signed in as a trade customer.

The method for supplying your own design is simple, and is similar to the normal order process:

1) Create a folder and upload the images as per normal.

2) Click on 'Order Your Photobooks', and at the top of the order page tick the 'own design' button.

3) Choose your options and proceed to checkout as normal. Note that on the second page of the order process you can click and drag the pages into order.

You can use any software you like to create your album design, but please follow these important guidelines before ordering:

  • Your design must be JPG, RGB (ideally sRGB IEC61966 – 2.1) and 300dpi.
  • Your design must be the exact height and width of the album(s) that you chose. Remember that the width of an open page/spread is double the stated width of the closed album. E.g. for a 8x10" portrait album the covers must be exactly 8" wide and 10" high, and the pages must be exactly 16" wide and 10" high. For a 8x10" landscape album the covers must be exactly 10" wide and 8" high, and the pages must be exactly 20" wide and 8" high.
  • Allow 15mm (0.6") bleed / trim within the page dimensions above (make sure nothing vital is within 15mm of page edge as it may be cut off). If you are ordering Pocket or Parent Books then please make the trim 20mm (0.8") instead.
  • Ensure that the middle crease of the album won't go through people's faces.
  • Provide us with one image (one spread) per page for printing. If you're ordering acrylic covers then we'll also need one image for the front cover and one for the back. E.g. for a 10 page acrylic cover album we would need 12 images to print. (You can put as many photos as you like within those page images.) For faux leather albums we just need one image per page, no cover photos.
  • Ensure all images match the orientation that you choose during the order process.
  • Incorporate a title and your logo on the design if you wish.
  • Do not put any crop marks on the design.
  • Ensure you have the correct brightness / colour levels. Remember that most monitors, unless properly calibrated, often display images much brighter than they actually are. If your monitor / design is not properly calibrated then your album(s) may be darker than you expect.
  • During the order process: when selecting the number of album pages from the drop down menu please exclude the covers, just count the number of interior pages (for acrylic albums the cover images are free of charge, so you don't need to select them as pages in that drop down menu). 

Note - your Photobook(s) will go straight to print, so you will not receive a proof. We will check designs before printing and contact you if we spot anything is incorrect.

We will always try to spot any mistakes that you may have made, however we cannot be held responsible if your design does not meet the guidelines above.


Do you offer Parent books / Guest books / Pocket books?

We certainly do! Our Parent Book albums are the perfect size for parents, grandparents and the most important family members. We also offer beautiful little Pocket Book albums - perfect for the handbag and to give out to friends and family.

Uniquely, our Pocket Books and Parent Books are the same professional quality as our larger Photobooks - printed on photographic paper with premium spines and identical bevelled acrylic covers.

The design will be taken from your larger albums and reduced to fit. 

Sizes and prices can be found on the Trade Prices page and the pricing PDF on the Trade Resources page.

*Pocket and Parent Books can only be ordered in conjunction with any larger album(s), and will have the same number of pages.

**Pocket and Parent Books will vary by 1", as size depends on the ratio to your largest album. Pages are semi-rigid rather than rigid to better suit the size of album.)

Can the albums be sent directly to my clients?

Yes, you can enter a separate delivery address each time.

If we see that the delivery address is different from the billing address we never include an invoice, only a (non-branded) packing note.


Is it possible to view your albums before ordering/buying samples?

From time to time you can find us at wedding shows and trade fairs. Also, if you're a Photographer and located in or around London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Bedfordshire then we should be able to bring some sample albums to show you. Please give us a call to arrange a visit.

We also have various sample album options - see separate FAQ.

Can I get some images of the Photobooks for my website / brochures?

Absolutely. Just email us and we'll email you back a Trade Info Pack with photos and some useful PDFs.

Please note we retain copyright on all images. We will only supply images to Professional Photographers.


Can I post my order to you instead of ordering through the website?

The easiest way to place an order is through the website – this allows the full order options and your Photobook design will begin sooner. If you still prefer to copy your photos to a CD and send them by post please click here to request an order form with further details.Please include full name and registered email address.