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The Professional Touch

Here at Photo Productions we don't make those flimsy, mass-produced photobooks with poor quality printing. And we never use boring old design templates.

We do produce expertly designed, professionally printed and beautifully bound Premium Photobooks. Unlike those mass-market albums our printing method produces incredibly sharp and stunningly vivid images. When combined with our bespoke hand-binding, and pages that lie flat when the albums are open, you get fantastic full page spreads that truly bring your photos to life.

Stylish, contemporary albums - each one unique to you.

Expertly Designed

After uploading your photos you'll go through a quick and easy order process, and you can choose from three gorgeous styles of interior design (more info here). Our expert graphic designers then get to work knitting your images into a stunning visual storybook. Every album is completely bespoke: our designers do the hard work, and it's all included in the price. We only use your photos to make the beautiful design - no other images are needed. Note to Pro Photographers, you can also supply your own design, please see FAQs.

Professionally Printed

Printing, laminating and hand-binding are parts of a 23 stage process that ensures the Photobooks are as handsome as they are durable. Your album design is printed onto premium photo paper using our state-of-the-art digital presses, than matt-laminated. Thin sheets of PVC are inserted to ensure the finished pages are rigid and much more robust than lower quality photobooks. This also means that when your Photobook is open the pages lie flat - the design is displayed across the entire spread, creating a stunning, edge-to-edge panoramic effect.

Beautifully Bound
Beautifully bound

Your albums are then carefully pressed, glued and bound. Once those stages are complete the front and back photos are mounted onto the album covers, then sealed underneath a clear crystal acrylic with beautiful bevelled edges, providing protection and an ultra-stylish finish.

Choosing the Number of Photos and Pages

You can select anywhere between 10 pages and 35 pages (20 to 70 sides). And you can have up to six photos per page, allowing up to 210 photos. Our panoramic spreads make your images leap off the page - they're particularly fantastic for crowd shots, scenery, detail photos, and so on, so you may want less photos per page to maximise that effect.

Our Premium Photobook sizes and prices can be found here.